Looking for a bargain this Christmas? Ink compatibles will save you a fortune!

Hey it’s nearly Christmas! Santa’s grotto for the kids, office Christmas parties for the grown-ups and lots of lovely gifts from our loved ones. But as we all know, Christmas can be pretty expensive and a time when bargain hunting becomes all the more important.

As we scour the stores for those irresistible bargains we find there are millions of ways to save our hard earned cash but are the supermarkets offering us false savings with their ‘buy one to get two free’ deals?! I don’t usually need ONE let alone THREE but isn’t it an offer too good to resist? However seductive ‘something for nothing’ is, call me weak, but I find this particular deal a complete nightmare to refuse!

I like to reduce my costs by enjoying discounts on my spending. I find that by turning the other cheek at the supermarket I don’t tend to fall prey to the allure of the ‘buy one get two free’ deals with the devil…in order to save money, I just stick to what I need.

Through this method I find I have less waste at the end of the week because I am actually buying what I know I need to consume and save money for all those other necessities in life such as petrol, clothing and nik naks.

Saving money is seductive and the good news is there are better, more effective, ways to save money. For instance, I save money by buying cheap ink cartridges. By replacing my original ink cartridges for some compatible ink cartridges to use in my printer I save a lot of money and believe it or not, they are just as good and I don’t waste a drop!

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Top tips how to save money on ink this Christmas.

A great way to save money this Christmas is to buy compatible ink cartridges for your printer.

What with winter steadily creeping up on us there is even more reason to look at ways to save money on our everyday expenses. Winter is the time of year where we find ourselves all spending much more than we normally do. Whether purchasing as though there is no tomorrow bags of firewood, woolly jumpers and wellington boots in their droves, snow shovels and sledges, in comes the winter and out goes the cash!

Stocking up on tinned soups, after eight mints and mince pies in preparation for the harsher months, the average human being can be seen scurrying about the high street (be it an actual high street or a virtual one!) throwing even more money out for those bumper Christmas gifts for Nan, Aunt Flo and Uncle Ron.

Making those pounds stretch that little bit further is becoming as traditional as roast turkey on Christmas Day. How we manage it all is a puzzle to me but getting on with the business of sewing up Christmas is what we do year in, year out! And of course, we love the challenge of it, don’t we?!

Wondering how to afford those ink cartridges for your printer at the end of all the big spending? Treat yourself to some cheap ink cartridges by opting for the compatible route.

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